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  • Wahyu Widyantoro

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    How to explore this website? you just simply point your mouse to the right or left on the menu and not have to click, this is easy such you flip through a book.

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    Email: wahyuwidyantorooo@gmail.com
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    Who am I ?

    Hi friends. I am Wahyu Widyantoro. This is my personal website and I am happy that you visited here. I am a final year IT student from University of Indraprasta PGRI . My specialization is Web developer. Although I always associate myself to the IT or software field because of my interest in it. In this website, I will show my portfolio and will be writing content about technology and programming. So, I hope that will be a nice read for you. Keep visiting to get equipped with the latest trends in this ever growing world of technology. Lastly, if you have any problems or want to share anything related to programming or softwares or if you want to contact me. Drop me a message. I will check it frequently.


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    of course, this narrow space website is yet more detail to explain who am I, that's why these are some of my social networking accounts, please visit and make me as your friend !

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